24th of December, Santa Claus, the phone guy and 2005

This is my last post of this year… I hope the next year will be much much better, cause this one has left me weakened and dried out, too much trouble and too many mistakes, too many people were hurt, and many lives have changed suddenly during this year… I really hate this kind of thinking, you know, conclusive and final. Maybe because my conclusions are not very satisfactory… Only these last days seem better, and I’d like to point out “seem”, cause I wouldn’t like to take the chance and say “is”, it’s too soon to be so sure that what’s in my head is real :)). Anyway, it’s promising, this, what’s going on right now, not necessarely that I’m floating in a sea of joy, but I’m stable, that’s what’s important…. After all, I guess my inner equilibrium is regaining balance and I become me again… I wonder what I’ll discover after that:)). But, as I said, these last few days were quite refreshing, so I have every reason to hope for better… Let’s say…for an upgraded version of me.

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