dazed and confused…. more confused:)

I decided to go to Barcelona on my birthday. Cristina and me. Just us girls. I just hope she won’t find a guy until then and leave me alone:). But hey, this might be quite an experience, right?

Well, we tried to find tickets tonight and guess what? They are kind of expensive for low cost companies (we found tickets around 490 Euros for 2 persons, I mean, c’mmmmoooon). Searching for other ways to get there, she thought of asking at the railway station if there are some ways to go to Barca by train. Well, no trains go directly from Bucharest to Barcelona or anywhere, except for Venice, Italy (of course, we Romanians are kinda romantic people) and the ticket would cost like 170 euros one way for one person!!! That was very funny, she didn’t have the nerve to ask how long this journey would last, this high price was too much for her.

In the end we decided to ask some advice from our boss, the Robi, he’s the smart guy around there. And only after that (please notice the respect:P) buy the tickets.
My mother was a bit speechless hearing my latest wish, maybe because she thought she won’t have me here for Christmas. I, for one, decided to be selfish this year and think about MY BIRTHDAY. To me it’s not a waste of time. Not yet. I like my birthday. It makes me feel special and unique (as if I wasn’t already!:))). The age might get me depressed, yes, but hey, who’s thinking about that in Barcelona?

I’m going to sleep now, it’s late. But I can’t leave without the song that inspired the title of this post, no connection (apparently only) with anything I was mumbling here these past few minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Led Zeppelin!

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3 Responses to dazed and confused…. more confused:)

  1. Anonymous says:

    am vost si eu la barcelona de ziua mea, si a fost foarte frumos. ce-i drept eram mult mai tanar… crezi ca robi se pricepe sa faca rost de bilete?

  2. Anonymous says:

    sorry, am fost, n-am vost

  3. Anurim says:

    Cred ca se pricepe, numai ca trebuie sa insisti ca e cam zapacit si are multe pe cap:). Dar unde vrei sa mergi? La Euro?

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