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Quite busy days, these days. After a sales event that ended up in a pub and gave me a full headache the next day, I spent my Saturday looking for clothes. Yes, you heard me, I went to the mall and researched every damn fashion store there, looking for the perfect outfit to honor my friend’s wedding next week. I’ll be cute:). Hope I won’t be freezing though. So next Friday I’ll be on my way to this great city I once visited for 3 hours or so. That remembered me I haven’t been out of the country for a long long time (I take the trip to Bulgaria out of the question), that I never took the plane to anywhere in this world (yes, it will be my first time in a plane, I know it’s 2007…) and, especially, how much I missed traveling. There was a time when going abroad was something natural and understood.
So you’ll understand me if the next post won’t be very clear (packing and organizing everything might take all of my attention) or if it will be … next month maybe:)).
But I’ll be back, don’t worry!

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  1. Costin says:

    hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm
    Yes. I’m gorgeaous. In both languages. 🙂

    Treci inapoi pe română ca-i mai caldă şi mai primitoare 🙂

  2. 467 says:

    I hereby strongly recommend you to take a visit to the geriatric “Titan” mall (just opposite to the park bearing the same name). Don’t go for a shopping, just go there for fun. have fun at the wedding, hope you’ll enjoy the 2007 flight and the strange-nice feeling that would come up to you while strolling in the airport.

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