crazy days

It’s been like crazy around here these days. I left my office no later than 10 in the evening and I’ll work during the weekend. I had one day off, today. Th worst part of it all is my feelings for what I do. I feel I don’t have any..landmarks anymore, I don’t know if what I’m doing is right or wrong and nobody is telling me that. I feel people are kinda discontented by what I do and I never receive a hint that could motivate my evolution. I hate it. I hate it because I feel I’m blind. I’ll try to structure it as much as I can and develop a system of my own that could comply with work…but this would be damn difficult since I don’t know anything…about anything anymore.

But today was nice because I met my friend Corina from Luxembourg, she’ll get married there in September and I’m going! We established the last details before we go there and I’m looking forward to go on this trip. And yes, eat “mule”:)).

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