yes, it’s true, I’ve been there. I saw them. I really did. They’re old, funny and really know how to entertain. I loved Mick saying things in Romanian, making fun of Lisa, I loved Keith’s first song, I loved Ronnie’s generosity with the public. I loved it. I couldn’t regret I was there. But nothing compares to last year. It’s possible my feelings were different, it’s possible I was less affected by RS music. Still I liked it though.

For the rest, heat is killing me bit by bit. They say it’s hotter here than in Sahara Desert and I believe it, +40 degrees outside is murder. The AC in our office is almost dead, keeps us only from fainting, but we’re all heavy sweating there. And we have another 8 days to face it. Heat is my nightmare now.

As for the house, I decided to take it slow since my uncle said I can stay here for as long as I want. So I’ll look for the best offer I can afford. That’s about it. Hope it will be soon though.

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