Time time time….is not on my side

It’s Sunday morning. I feel like I haven’t slept enough or maybe that I slept too much, coz my head is spinning. Yesterday I had a terrible day, I ran from one place to the other, but still I managed to accomplish all my “tasks”. My mother will be coming tonight, so I’ll have to wait for her in that far-away dirty bus station… Tomorrow I’ll be like a “zombie” at work again. And this is my life now. In between, I’ll feed the pets, take Mooky-the-dog for a walk, and maybe, just maybe, get to see my boyfriend. 🙁 I feel bad I have such a busy life, too many things to do, people always wanting stuff from me…not very nice indeed. Dunno exactly what to do about this…give up my English lessons could be an idea but I wouldn’t want to give up all my kids. Other thoughts get ahead of this one about my spare time, and so I always miss thinking about it and the problem remains unsolved. Like now…I have to think about other things…things I need to buy for mom, what movie should we see, I have to translate a paper I’ve been postponing for some time…stuff. And my spare time is still an unsolved problem. One day I will solve it though.

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