Strange love

Strange highs and strange lows
That’s how my love goes

I can’t miss writing about this:). I am not, not anymore, a teenager, enthousiatic and totally devoted to some gods on a poster. Nevertheless, the Depeche Mode concert of tomorrow brings out from within me some leftovers from my teenage years. Maybe because I never had the chance to go to a biiiiig concert like that 10 years ago, or maybe because such events always bring a hint of euphoria, I don’t exactly know what it is, but I am totally and completely focused on tomorrow. I imagine scenes, I picture gestures and I create expectations.. It is very likely I will be a bit disappointed, perhaps I will be disturbed by the crowd pulling me, people trying to get a better view, worries of keeping myself safe and sound..but still, the thought of me being able to see this band I like on stage….well, that’s something. In fact, this week Gotan Project had a concert here as well, I missed that one, I can’t afford going to both concerts, but hey, it’s been quite a week from this point of view.
I picked up this quote because I just feel like it tonight.

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