yeah, right, October again

I guess I must find somewhere people I can hang out with every day. Because autumn makes me feel helpless and lonely, and I really hate going home after a long day of work. Now it’s a time to drink tea, talk to friends, in warm comfy places, away from the cold rain outside.
Anyway, October looks like a busy month. Not only that I celebrate my brother on this month (oh, yes, an his girlfriend), but my girl Heta is getting married and there is this Pink Martini concert I look forward to.
Yesterday we had Muse here. I didn’t go, everyone was saying that they are great, I was feeling weird I never listened to them before, but I decided not to go. I am not a hypocrite, I cannot go to a concert not knowing what it’s all about.
Now Chemical Brothers is somethin’ else. I’m going! On the 20th this month.
Gosh…. it would have been so great to have these guys here some years ago!

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