Karaoke night!

I am having a very busy week. But once the month of December starts, it’s party time for me! And I start with the 1st of December, this Saturday, huge party:). Then, on Sunday, the bloggers from Bucharest organize a karaoke night out! And ya people all must know that my hidden fantasy is to sing at karaoke. This is why I even put my name on the list, downloaded the list of songs.. stuff like that. I’m taking it all very seriously, it’s my one-time chance to sing in front of a bunch of drunk people, me being quite dizzy as well:). I guess I’ll have some proof for that, I have people with cameras around me every day:).
After that it’s Joe’s birthday! After that, it’s my birthday that I’ll be celebrating twice this year: with friends and in Barcelona:). So… my wonderful December is about to start and I can’t wait for it to begin.

P.S. – My brother’s wedding will be on the 29th of June 2008. Can’t believe he’s getting married. (that is… my YOUNGER brother)

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