I am weather dependent. That’s for sure. But today it seems that my good mood cannot be ruined by anything, not even by the cloudy sky or by the pile of papers on my desk at work. I think I have regained my trust or so it seems, and I’ve come to the conclusion, with the help of a friend (hi alex), that girls/women are like that, they experience a wide range of moods which make them act like “crazy”. I do not consider this crazy, don’t get me wrong, I just wanted to assert this for myself cause I never thought of it in this way. And my trusting problems with M. are nothing but changing moods. For now. I hope…

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  1. Lando Calrissian says:

    Hello! Im just a random person, and i wanted to thank you. You commented on my last blog enrty and it was good advice. no great advice, and ill take it to heart. Hope to have a little more contact with you.

    as for the advice, it was a LITTLE flawed. Hannah and i have only been together for the past three months, but i was extatically happy for those three months. And ive never been happy before. So it was hard for me to let go, and i hope one day to be with her again, So ill probably not be over it, being the naturaly obsessive person i am!

    well i have to go, im doing this in french class….un attentive teachers, arent they wonderful?

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