I wish

all I ever wanted when I was a kid was to become a singer. Then, a journalist. Then my parents told me I’m no good for a journalist, so why don’t I study foreign languages, at least I have a proper job. So I did.
But singing persists. Imagine this, all I want is to sing….in a karaoke bar:))). I mean, really, I picture myself sometimes singing a song I love at karaoke. It fascinates me more than anything else, how some people can sing so perfect, so complex… I guess I never did it because I was afraid of the attention granted to me when I would sing. I am afraid not to look ridiculous, afraid people could make fun of me. So maybe I’ll do it in a far away country, drunk, careless of what anybody would say about me or my voice.
Or maybe this persisted because someone told me I have a good voice. Not for singing, for radio, but well…that was the best compliment my voice ever got from somebody not emotionally involved with me. Dunno if he meant it though:).
This is what I’d just loooooove to sing.

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