1. Azi cica ar fi Baba mea. Nu stiu sigur daca e, pentru ca eu calculez Baba mea dupa suma cifrelor din ziua nasterii (2+4=6). Ciupercutza zice pe Twitter ca ea ia ultima cifra a zilei de nastere. Poate stie cineva exact cum e situatia sa ma pot orienta si eu in spatiu sa stiu anul asta ce naiba mai patesc. Dupa cum se arata, e cam urat.

2. Am o colega ce iubeste foarte tare animalele, matzele in special. Ma intreaba de Mika o data la doua zile. A vazut postul de mai jos si m-a apostrofat ca nu i-am pus si niste poze frumoase. Ca doar are o sesiune foto profesionista chiar. Si de trei zile ma bate la cap sa le pun online. Asa ca iata, Anita, vezi ca pana la urma m-am tinut de cuvant:





3. In drum spre munca am ascultat melodia de mai jos si mi s-a parut foarte buna pentru vinerea asta, desi eu lucrez in weekend. Dar, na, ce sa-i faci…


Acum chiar ca o simt. Chit ca mai da vreo zapada pe undeva pe la munte, chiar daca vine frigul, deja a inceput sa miroase a primavara:). Bine, nu neg ca e posibil sa fie o chestie indusa de ziua de maine (1 martie = primavara), insa acum e soare si-mi place, e frumos, makes me feel good. Desi dorm pe mine, cred ca azi nu o sa ma dau jos din pat decat ca sa ma duc la baie.

So status good for this weekend.


de cand a inceput primavara de-a dreptul parca nu mai am ce sa scriu. Imi vine doar sa stau afara cat mai mult, sa dorm cat mai putin. Sa umblu pe strazi de nebuna. Chiar daca a doua zi as fi zombie la munca. Probabil ca e o energie explicabila stiintific but I don’t wanna know. Ma simt bine asa. Deocamdata imi e de ajuns.


I feel spring coming today, dunno why, maybe it’s just something in the air, maybe because it’s warmer and raining instead of snowing as it was expected (though I heard some terrible news about snow coming….brrrr). I feel like I was asleep and now I opened my eyes and see real life…not a very nice view at times, but not as depressing as I thought . Step by step some things are getting into shape and now I confront myself with another problem: several persons told me this blog is not as boring as I thought and that I write ok and now I became conscious of it and I am aware that now I should write something cool, something meaningful, something that people like, u know..SOMETHING….and so I’m afraid to write anything at all.
And I also noticed that I write well and that I have points of view especially when I’m mad or angry or in a bad mood, but not depressed. So, again, happy people are not interesting. See, nothing to complain about, nothing to dissect or to psychoanalyze, nothing to suffer from and friends to comfort you…. But hell, I wouldn’t want to be unhappy just to have subjects to write about!!!
Well, except that, i think a certain somebody deserves a big big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me :)))). Today is a shinny day, the beginning of the weekend, it’s that mood…you know…when you expect things and have that joyful disposition to make them happen….hopefully.