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My mother says that the next will be great for me. She read this in a dime-a-dozen horoscope for 2008, knowing my hidden passion for this kind of things. Thing is everything referred to work, carrier, money. How about me? How about other things in my life? Hmmm, I guess it’s getting worse, right?
But I am quite looking forward for this weekend. Saturday is a busy day. I have to travel to Sinaia for Heta’s wedding. Then I come back in the evening for the Pink Martini concert. Then I believe I’m going out, that is in a club. Now that’s a good day.
I believe I wouldn’t have any reason to get bored. I have a pile of books on my desk, waiting for me to read them, I decided it’s about time to learn how to swim and, of course, besides looking for a house (which I only say I do, but I never actually do anything about it, it’s only an obsession), I might try taking up driving lessons again. This became a delicate subject in my mind, since I consider it a failure. My personal failure. And I am not at all used to failures.
So you see, I am a busy girl:). At least for a while.

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