Five years later

C’s birthday on Sunday… As I was “redecorating” (that means I rearranged all my books and wooden boxes and finally moved my bed in the bedroom, as it is normal), I was thinking about the appropriate time to call, cause I was thinking he might have been partying and clubbing, and I was right and my timing was still bad, coz I woke him up and I know he hates that, it’s irritating to him……but well, the conversation was very short and conventional, like I was just an acquaintance asking if everything is alright with him, if he is ok, what did he do the night before, well, bye then, thanks for calling…. That was about it. This is what’s left after five years…. I’m not reproaching it, I’m just noticing the strange nature and the weird development of human relationships. It’s all so relative and shallow if you think about it…Well, beside all these “worries”, I’m doing fine, that’s if you were wondering:))). Yesterday I got nervous at one point coz I got hungry and walking pointless to find a stupid post office to get a stupid little package from somebody just as stupid as all of the above, and as I got home, my boyfriend was waiting in the car with pizza…I was in a hurry and irritated and behaved accordingly and then…..after few hours as I got into bed, I was thinking that this was one of his kindest gestures to me and all I did was to treat him bad…ufff…sometimes I am not empathetic at all…brrr…

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