felt like 1999

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, waiting for a friend who was incredibly late, I had a very weird sensation of 1999. To me every year has a feeling, and of course, that year had a specific feeling, more like the ones that followed. I was near the University, on the edge of the fountain where I used to spend all the time I was loosing during my school days. That was like a “nexus of the universe” to me. And now…maybe because of that beautiful sunny day, a true spring day, or maybe because of the cigarette smoked with regular zips of cola, as I used to do back then, I really felt at one point that I was living one of my daydreams on the fountain, that it was time to move my ass to classes and when my friend finally arrived, I was looking at her as if she came from another planet, the words were avoiding me, she had to ask me three times if I was ok and where did I want to go from there.
Actually, this had happened to me before, but not so strong, the feeling, the voyage to the past was not so real as this one…I had a moment when I really felt that 6 years didn’t pass just like that…..
Other than that, everything is ok, Easter just ended, today is the first day at work after a mini-holiday that I needed so. I got kinda depressed coz I miss my Dad these days more than ever….I think I miss the old traditional Easter with all the family, we had few days together.. Now my mother went to meet her sisters in their parents’ house, my brother visited “the in-laws” and so I was left behind, or at least this is how I felt when I heard the Easter plans…. But it wasn’t so bad as I thought, of course, as always, there was someone there who helped me get past these days, to even enjoy myself….to have a good time. And this is why I began to feel even better, just the thought that there is someone who thinks of how to make me feel better is already lighting up my day:)).
And I love the weather today, it’s warm and sunny and I’m calm, I’m even a bit dreamy…I like this:).

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  1. admin says:

    Don’t stop writing. I really – really like reading your posts because you’re a lot like me (even if I’m not blogging about my feelings as much). Unfortunately I found no other means to contact you except leaving a comment…

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