hi again

It’s been like…a month or so, Goooosh, I’m beginning to get lazy in writing. I don’t really mean that, but it seems that whenever I have something interesting to say, I am on my way to work in morning, on my way home, in the evening, on my way to my lessons, in different parts of this crowded and sometimes spooky city. So the idea gets lost in the crowded place that is my head, just as crowded as this city or as this life of mine. I’ll soon be 27 and I am not complaining anymore. I feel young and somehow strong, I feel I’ve overcome so many things in my life that I can easily deal with the rest of them. The only thing that’s bothering me is that my friends are getting married and having kids, it seems this year was really rich in that: weddings and baptisms. It’s weird, instead of going to a club, we’re going to a wedding party. Not that it’s not that funny, but…this means we’re growing up and stuff. Except that, my family increased with one member, the puppy Mooky, a mixture of teckel and caniche, very much looking like her caniche father. She is 6 weeks old and my mother adores her:). But my cat doesn’t:(.
I really have a Zoo at my place: 2 turtles, a cat and if I bring Mooky for the weekend…imagine that:)). And this in one room, in my brother’s studio, lucky me he’s in Florence now.
Well, my point today was that I got excited on the idea of having internet at home…and I thought I could write better on this blog if I have a quiet moment to think about things. Here, in the office, it’s too noisy and I have too many things to deal with at once to be able to think of a new post. So I really hope that the next time I will write will be from home:).
Until then:), that was it for me today…bye everyone!

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