I’ll try to make it simple and clear: I really thought this blog died. But on Friday evening someone said I could revive it somehow. He said I could write in Romanian, so I didn’t. He said I could write about work…which I won’t, not right now. Because when I started this blog, the concept was “public diary” or smth. Right now, blogs aren’t just that. I mean…nobody just writes about feelings. To have a good blog, one must be interactive. To be interactive, one must create/talk about subjects that interest people. My personal experiences (and also MY routine, MY boredom) were not interactive. I was asserting them and that’s all.
Well…I can’t say I’ll change something. And I must confess, although probably somebody would react to this, that I stopped writing not only because I didn’t feel like it, but because I was afraid of others’ reactions. I didn’t want to write about breaking up, finding someone new, other experiences..because I know someone would read and suffer. And I hate it when people suffer because of me. And I seem to make them suffer on a regular basis.
BUT…nevertheless I just said to myself “Fuck all that” and just write….stupid or not, don’t read me if u don’t like it…
AND I really believe that by breaking up with me, guys change, evolve and even acquire features they never had when in relationship with me.
SO… my own, personal censorship..I’ll try to let it go a bit.

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  1. Gregg says:

    I am glad you decided to write again. Who cares what others think. I find personal writing appealing.

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