too much sun, no energy

As much as I would like a home, I cannot find the energy to look for one. But this is old news already:). I tried to move but I can’t. It’s too damn hot around here. I have too much to do at work sometimes, that I forgot I have issues. MY issues. Nevermind, nobody is kicking me out of this place anyway.
As you all know (I dunno why I said “all” since I believe there are very few people reading me these days, I know, I grew up, I’m just boring), I just love summer, but the heat prevents me from moving around this city. Too much dust, too many cars, the sideways are burning in the middle of the day. Plus, I hate banks. Really do. In fact I hate numbers. At school I got only low degrees in mathematics. Unfortunately, one way or the other, I mean new building or old building, I’ll have to deal with banks at some point in my existence. Oh well, what can I do….not much.
We’re all preparing for the Rolling Stones concert here in Bucharest. I’m not that enthusiastic as last year when I saw Depeche Mode live on stage, but well, it’s something I cannot miss. And I’m sure my dad would have loved to see them.
I recently saw one of Oprah’s shows where the main cast of Seinfeld was invited. Seinfeld himself, Julia, Jason, Michael, they were all there, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I remembered why I had such a passion for this show in the first place. And why I chose my master degree paper subject to be the language of Seinfeld:). But this never happened anyway. It was just a dream…
I was asked one evening what my dream is. I simply couldn’t answer. At last I said I dreamed to have my own place. But this didn’t come out from the beginning. I guess I believed people expected me to be more profound or original than this.

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