Pink Martini and a very busy weekend

It all started on Friday evening. I went out with a colleague for tea. I ended up in a bar, then in a club where I had the “misfortune” of having two shots of tequila. Home around 4. Next morning I was woken up by the phone, I was supposed to go to Sinaia for the wedding and I was kinda late, my friend Oana called to say she was waiting for me. I arrived at the station quite on time. Of course, I was on the train more time than I was in Sinaia, but I was there:) (pictures in a later post). Then, the Concert. I rarely had the occasion to see something so beautiful as the Pink Martini concert I was at. I mean… these guys are great! And I don’t know why, but in the end I felt like I went through my whole life with their songs. I remembered my trip to Italy (Una notte a Napoli), everything from my relationship with C (Sympathique, Brasil, Donde estas Yolanda…), he is after all the one to “blame” for my musical taste; and last, but not least, the present (Hang on Little Tomato). And for the first time in my life I regretted my Dad didn’t have the patience to properly teach me how to play the violin.
After PM, I went to a bar then to the same club as the other night.
Today I celebrated my brother’s birthday:). And his girlfriend’s too.
I can’t complain, I had quite a weekend which left me voiceless and a bit tired, but somehow ok with myself.

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  2. Miss Luxembourg says:

    BIne am ajuns, Miruno, de ne conversam pe blog:) Asa te mai prind si eu, ca in rest nu mai avem cand sa vb:( Cand pui pe net pozele de la cununia lu’ Geta? NU de alta, dar eu am apucat sa vad doar 2:(

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