Now, i knew it would happen like this…don’t you ever say something good about my writing, or anything bad, coz this will make me not write at all… I do have this problem, like I have nothing to write about, nothing to share, me of all people, me, the extrovert, the sociable, the friendly, the talk-a-lot-about-all-stupid-things-in-this-world, me me me… I guess it has to do with my lack of trust, professionally that is, my lack of confidence in my powers or in my value (which is relative, I hardly see any value in my writing….but there are people with different views on this issue). It also has to do with a boring job and with my not-so-ambitious nature. I envy my colleagues who used these three years that have passed since graduation to become something…….I’m nobody, I feel like i achieved nothing and this was not my plan, seven years ago, when I left my pinkish bedroom from my parents’ house. Ah, I know I wrote about it, but this … issue, it comes up over and over, until I find a solution for it…
Well, but hey, it’s the first day of spring….apparently, I should hope for more, shouldn’t I?

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