I feel spring coming today, dunno why, maybe it’s just something in the air, maybe because it’s warmer and raining instead of snowing as it was expected (though I heard some terrible news about snow coming….brrrr). I feel like I was asleep and now I opened my eyes and see real life…not a very nice view at times, but not as depressing as I thought . Step by step some things are getting into shape and now I confront myself with another problem: several persons told me this blog is not as boring as I thought and that I write ok and now I became conscious of it and I am aware that now I should write something cool, something meaningful, something that people like, u know..SOMETHING….and so I’m afraid to write anything at all.
And I also noticed that I write well and that I have points of view especially when I’m mad or angry or in a bad mood, but not depressed. So, again, happy people are not interesting. See, nothing to complain about, nothing to dissect or to psychoanalyze, nothing to suffer from and friends to comfort you…. But hell, I wouldn’t want to be unhappy just to have subjects to write about!!!
Well, except that, i think a certain somebody deserves a big big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me :)))). Today is a shinny day, the beginning of the weekend, it’s that mood…you know…when you expect things and have that joyful disposition to make them happen….hopefully.

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