there are exactly 21 days until my holiday. Which is a lot, but still not that much, I mean, 21 days, it’s like a summer storm, they end quickly. I just hope I’ll get a chance to rest this holiday, I am just extremely tired. And this could be an excuse for my lack of inspiration and the writing pause. There were moments when I would have wanted to write, to explain a feeling or a sensation, but they lasted so little time, and I got caught up in so many other things that finally when I wanted to write, I realized…..I had just lost it.
Now I don’t have anything in mind. Just thinking about my life as it is at this moment…I cannot complain. I did worse, I have to admit. I think I can do better. But I just don’t have the motivation or the strength to get those wheels movin’. Maybe after the miraculous holiday I am waiting for so much, maybe after that I could consider doing things. And maybe writing fresh stuff.
(Refresh memory)
I haven’t analyzed things for a very long time. I guess I unconsciously imposed it in my mind, because it seemed my over-analysis was harming my relationship. But I know why I did it, it was because I got somehow hurt and I had to “exorcise” it out of me by de-fragmenting it, deconstructing it, so that it won’t have any value at all.
God, I hate to be stressed when I’m writing!!! Gotta go back to work:((, hate this stupid job.

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