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It’s been a long long time….I am so tired I can hardly think reasonably, I work like a robot in the heat, and I really don’t feel it’s summer. It’s sad that I’m loosing that sense of holiday I used to have when I was in school, even at the university. Now, the vacation month seems so short that I can barely make some plans for it.
I’ve been to a wedding two weeks ago, it was the perfect occasion for me to get dressed up and to wear make-up, and to be, you know, like my mother would like me to be, like a “lady”. It was not such a bad thing, but being a lady is very fatiguant, and too complicated for my simplistic nature. I mean I know this about me, I like only one kind of sophisticated things, the simple-sophisticated things (I know it’s too much for you to understand, so you may skip this part 🙂 ). Anyway, it was fun and I’ve got nice pictures to prove it.
And…I’ve got a cat. I had turtles, now I have a cat. It’s a lovely little cat, very thin but very playful, I’ve got it only for several days and it’s very funny, I am talking to her and she seems to understand me, we are even playing:), it’s nice. So these are the latest news in the lamest style possible. I can’t be inspired now…. I am pretty dried out of everything, need to recharge for a while.

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