My mother’s birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday. It is also her 2 years older sister’s birthday. But, in the same day that my mother is celebrating her 60th anniversary, some other famous people celebrate their birthdays as well. People like Sharon Stone, Neneh Cherry, Chuck Norris, ….and last, but not least, ladies and gentlemen, Osama Bin Laden! :))). I couldn’t believe it when I heard it on the news today… I wouldn’t have made a difference perhaps, but I am a horoscopes/astrology/coincidences freak, so I am entitled to be surprised because of this detail.
Thing is I am really happy for my mom, her life is for the better I guess, because she turned 60 and on that very day she celebrates her birthday in Venice, Italy. It was her dream to go to Venice at least once in her life, and so she did. In the meanwhile, I’ve been having a tough week, I had no time for nothing so I quit carrying for anything, even for myself. I have to give up the English lessons because it’s eating too much of my time. Theoretically, I should be fine, but there’s always something else, a lesson, a document to translate, something…. And so I come home exhausted and I go to work again…not funny at all. So now I am going TO SLEEP.

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