frozen spring

It’s the third day of spring and I feel already better, although it’s freezing, it’s snowing all over the country and it sounds like winter more than spring. This is the second night with Mooky, Mika and the turtles all tossed in a studio (not a very big one). The first time was absolutely terrible, I couldn’t sleep, Mooky barked all night, Mika got scared and reacted badly, so did the dog, and so I was caught in the middle…of course you can imagine I didn’t get any sleep. The next morning I swore to myself I would never repeat this kind of experiment. But…here I am repeating it. My mom left to Florence for a week, I couldn’t stand the thought Mooky would stay all alone at night, so I figured that since tomorrow is Saturday, I can afford a sleepless night and to bring her here again. I read somewhere that if the animals feel you panic, they would get anxious as well, and the first time I was scared just like them. Now I am too sleepy to get scared. And they feel it, Mooky is playing, Mika is on the wardrobe, surveying the whole thing…quite a scene if you think about it. I hope they will eventually ignore each other, i don’t hope they will be friends (I am not that know). So I am like Ace Ventura in his apartment, only that I don’t have as many pets as he did:). (big yaaaawwwwwnnn). I am going to sleep and I hope I can get some. goood night, world, wherever you are.

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