one-year dillema

It’s been one hell of a year. An year to remember I guess, because things have never been so fluctuating in my life before. But now I think I’m getting better, although the changes, and I mean basic changes in my life, haven’t stopped. I still need a better-paid job, a different house or a house of my own..things like that. But all I want in this world is not to lose myself…not to become something I now hate, not to do things I consider despicable right now….I don’t want to forget about me in this speedy and material modern life. And I say this because money have become a hell of an issue lately. Maybe because of their scarce presence in my life, or maybe because I am surrounded by people who consider always a material interest in everything. Or so it seems…
I have no conclusion now….my blog is my relief, my escape sometimes, my confident, my shrink, my diary, my box of hidden thoughts… I write for myself and my writing reflects my mood, my state of spirit and my feelings. Dunno how it looks from the outside, I only know the inside :)…ranging from a white-pinkish atmosphere, to a blue-black one sometimes.
Right now I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never marry. It’s no purpose in doing that, as a girl, it has no meaning to be queen for a night, and depressed afterward, when your new husband will be desiring every woman in the world but you, and will feel confined in a marriage he realizes he didn’t want, that came too soon with too much responsibility. And I’m saying that because I actually know it happens… Not a very nice or pink perspective. And of course, there are cases that may contradict my opinion. If so, I’m glad. However, I am currently feeling that marriage has no point whatsoever.
Other than that, my cat is very funny, but she managed to almost break one of her front arms last night, I ran quickly to the doctor with her, she is now ok:). But she cried like a baby last night, I felt so sorry for her.
And that would be all, folks!!!

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