something, nothing, anything

Crazy week. Very passionate for those who love animals:). Quite tormented for our IT specialists, poor guys… quite a tormented week for myself as well. This week our website celebrated its 1st year anniversary. I was in the news again:))), much better this time, I seemed more relaxed. Then, in the evening, we all went out to celebrate and after 2 beers I was already drunk and fell asleep (my colleagues have pictures to prove this but I don’t think I wanna publish them). Dizzy as I was, I left home since the next morning I had to attend a communication summit. Interesting sayings, but… there was one guy who needed technical support at every slide of his pps coz he, the communication specialist, wasn’t able to be technically coherent! I mean, c’moooon, Charlie, how stupid of you was that???
Well, but more about this event you’ll find here (in Romanian) and here.
I promised I’ll return with some other pictures from my beautiful voyage to the wild wild west and here they are:). These ones are wedding-related.

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5 Responses to something, nothing, anything

  1. giovanni says:

    Wild west? Beautiful shoes on the last picture, and I like the light on the trees.
    Saludos da Amsterdam

  2. Anurim says:

    It was a manner of speech, wild wild west. It’s not wild at all. How’s Amsterdam? Had I had more time, I would have visited it for one day at least.

  3. giovanni says:

    Amsterdam is an attractive city, quite international with lots of culture. I live here already more than 30 years. A nice way to visit Amsterdam is by bike.

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