too much Sex and the City

Apparently, this year started very good, in fact it was all that I wanted, something relaxed and not troubled…. It felt right, that’s the word for it…. Step by step, the waters calm down and everything becomes clear…. The chaos that was my life last year transformed into something else. It feels like I’ve grown up, and now every day comes as a surprise, coz things happen to me and I don’t really know how to react to some of them. Experiences from my adult life, things are shaping up now and maybe it’s all thanks to this new relationship that is not like anything else I’ve experienced. Of course, now I’m being extreme on the other side: if years ago I used to treat my relationships emotionally, by impulses, without thinking of them at all, now I’m over-thinking them and it ruins the fun, the magic, everything else. Maybe it’s a bad influence of this “Sex and the City” trend, very fashionable right now, to analyse in details the actions of the partner and your feelings as a response….but losing somehow the best of it. So, besides trying to find in me the resources to be a woman, exploring the possibilities of my inner self, I’m trying not to think too much… I never thought a 21st century woman could come to this conclusion, but here it is…

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